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The netizen is right western the evaluation of data center, keyword: Stability
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Data center company introduces western: Data center is Chinese telecommunication western data of 4 big IDC exchanges one of centers, the memory that is in charge of Chinese Internet data in the round, exchange and transmission national telecommunication are progressional according to the center. Area of data center computer room exceeds 5000 to make the same score rice western, have project of network of the network broadband resource that joins core of net of land with certain boundaries of the core of national key member, core that save a net, city continuously and professional telecommunication class to maintain staff nearly 100. Data center entire network by implement all use CISCO mainstream device with switching equipment, network main force and equipment of important soft hardware all use double redundant design, ensure the user uses no risk at all.

The editor comments on: Data center is telegraphic western one of centers of 4 big data, belong to telecommunication kind operation business, network natural resources is quite substantial, the stability of lead plane and speed have reliable safeguard, suit large and medium-sized enterprise user is used.

IDC comments a net (Www.idcps.com) netizen evaluation:

Tourist: Be strong as expected, speed is gotten quickly breathtaking! ! Ha

Blue demon: Favour. . . . . . . Haw is quite possible very, everybody holds out those who trust it

The dream flies: Career is possible still, but the space still cannot be opened occasionally, where is what reason?

Tourist: Does stability of fictitious lead plane still calculate possible?