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Rank the independent server supplier of before China 10
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Independent server is to point to the visit speed to raise a website, the server you and relevant installation are mandatory to have environment of establishment of perfect computer room, high quality network, rich bandwidth resource and operation experience and can be opposite inside the network data center that the network of the user and equipment have real time monitoring, make with this the system is achieved safe, reliable, stable, efficient the purpose that move.

Center of distant view data

Judge: Center of distant view data with machine ark bandwidth kind business is given priority to, and have resource of much computer room, additional offer CDN to wait for characteristic IDC business quickly, lead plane stability and speed have pretty good safeguard, it is the IDC operation business with Zhejiang banner area.

10 thousand nets of Chinese

Judge: The domain name that 10 thousand nets of Chinese are Chinese old brand and website are mandatory service provider, in roll out new product action of new technology respect is quicker also. 10 thousand nets also are to having service of quite rich and comprehensive network and technology of application of domestic domain name, subordinate “ buys wheat net ” to also be offerred in domestic information release the place with wait for the market to be being held proper with information. In actual use integral rate is average, but lead plane stability is pretty good, if produce problem customer service to solve a manner very good, the biggest drawback is the price relatively too expensive, and a few services need package and other to pay fee additionally.

Western data center

Judge: Data center is telegraphic western one of centers of 4 big data, belong to telecommunication kind operation business, network natural resources is quite substantial, the stability of lead plane and speed have reliable safeguard, suit large and medium-sized enterprise user is used.

Shanghai net old science and technology

Judge: Shanghai net old science and technology offers the mandatory rent of lead plane, special railway line is received wait for IDC business, have build computer room and many bandwidth resource oneself, business covers the throughout the country, it is the IDC operation business of Shanghai area core.

Century interconnection

Judge: Century interconnection is home starts foundation of large IDC network serves prior provider, enterprise of generation Internet high-tech, had grown to be now in the whole nation each are big the city sets a branch, have the IDC supplier of a large number of computer rooms and bandwidth resource.

263 data center

Judge: The 263 data centers that own oneself, distributing at 3 ground of Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, string together ICP, ISP, IDC together, formed IDC to serve user of business, IDC (company of traditional business, .com) interact with terminal client, the network service with resourceful, corresponding network is richer also.
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