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The netizen uses the evaluation of the net to Chinese E, keyword: Yu Zhen!
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Chinese E moves net introduction: Chinese E uses a network is the business of service of Chinese top class network that is based on Internet to offer of all kinds network to serve a solution. Belong to science and technology of network of network of Europe of Shanghai of subordinate of Europe dimension group to develop limited company and Shanghai digital science and technology develops Weiduosi the platform of business affairs operation of limited company, dedicated serve at Internet foundation.

Make up arrest to comment on: Chinese E uses a network is the accident of empty of a few domain names with domestic the largest scale one of battalion business, the domain name registers gross quite much, the mandatory rent that offers crewel main engine at the same time, and the characteristic IDC business such as VPS lead plane, in the meantime, its are Shanghai shift, shanghai telecommunication, agent of Jiangsu telecommunication core, the network is resourceful, lead plane is stable.

IDC comments net netizen evaluation:

Tourist: After Yu Zhen went, new governor, come up, estimation looks because client natural resources is much,have individual old representative, him start all over again, do a server, to prevent other representative also so do, old representative, on the server like changing a slow snail from computer room of the Gao Qiao outside Shanghai entirely, the computer room also was changed. So old representative was dropped by K entirely, because the website is slow so fearsome, the client also was done not have. Reduce a doorsill to enrol new representative. 1000 went. The server of new representative is put in best at that time Jiangsu computer room. Final result is business suffer a disastrous decline, they want again urgent go searching everywhere in former days representative and client.

Love gets fort: I think, the E 6 years ago is moved absolutely good, present E moves absolutely rubbish.

Tourist: Favour yes E is moved, do quite well previously. Do not know to do what now? Breathe out breathing out is too tired. Want to rest. /

Tourist: The space that I buy, OK still, also can appear occasionally small issue, total pretty good still! The dimensional N that I used them year! Feel the service is good, have ask to answer surely reflective rate is very rapid!

Tourist: Yu Zhen walked along EDONG to move did not rise to become E foolish. . .

Tourist: Can be already late, old representative people the representative that became other big company in succession.