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The netizen evaluation to century interconnection, keyword: The price!
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Century interconnection enterprise introduces: Enterprise of generation Internet high-tech, all previous classics does poineering work difficultly 10 years. The center of telegraphic and indifferent data with domestic the at present largest scale serves professional provider. Advocate business Wu: Safety of data center service, information and next generation network software are developed. Company headquarters is set in Beijing, agency is set in Shanghai, Taipei, center of technical research and development is set in American Silicon Valley.

The editor comments on: Century interconnection is home starts foundation of large IDC network serves prior provider, enterprise of generation Internet high-tech, had grown to be now in the whole nation each are big the city sets a branch, have the IDC supplier of a large number of computer rooms and bandwidth resource.

IDC comments a net (Www.idcps.com) netizen evaluation:

Build rice: Too expensive, too expensive, still change other use

Refined and courteous: bit more expensive, the price whether fluctuate Le

Tourist: Be! ! The price of their company is too expensive. Price or else is a bit lower. I turn