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Authoritative sound: Chinese economy avoids financial crisis is pounded hard or
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Be worth what carry is, still have include to fry inside the influence of belongings sex income to the dweller. Economic situation glides, the stock market steeps fall, to Chinese common people, the fact that goes one year proves already adequately, what “ deficit ” is the whole people to cannot bear is light.

CPI: Shrink fierce at inflation

Drop will be CPI what GDP of prep close behind glides and appear apparently. This just and the high inflation situation that come one year in domestic happening recently are opposite.

Reform the data that Wang Xiaolu of assistant director of institute of foundation countryman economy provides according to China, inside a few years after crisis of Hong Kong banking erupted 1997, the CPI data of our country follows economic slowdown in succession and present negative growth. Among them, index of our country CPI was 1998 - 0.8% , 1999, index of our country CPI is to glide more to - 1.4% .

A lot of people perhaps can ask, CPI enjoys growth, prices did not rise to fall instead eventually, bad?

Very unfortunate, answer just is “ consequence very serious ” . Understand simply, prices falls, germ exceeded a society in the thing that produces at the enterprise can susceptive limits. For example, the enterprise produces be not exported, turn into home to sell, but home market cannot be digested at all; A large number of commodity cannot find market.

So the result that economic atmosphere brings has only: Company profit becomes poor, go no further of employee wage income not before. Have more very person, the enterprise closes down, employee unemployment.

Nevertheless Wang Xiaolu points out, in those days data may be put in “ element of lack fidelity ” . From the point of the electricenergy production 1998, economy is added fast should apparent under 8% . This is meant, if two this years our country economy is added fast drop to bottom line of manage of 8% this of one mind really, the feeling can be compared in those days better.

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